What IHC Doesn’t Do

What IHC Doesn’t Do

IHC does not fundraise
We do not seek sponsors and do not solicit donations. However, donations are welcomed and any received are applied to specific projects. Some revenues are raised through recycling of metals and rental of unusable or obsolete pieces for use on movie sets.

IHC does not charge recipients for materials.
All equipment and supplies are provided free of charge. Third party sponsors only pay the cost of transportation to the recipient community. Partnerships, such as that with Putt’s Transfer who assists with loading containers, are invaluable and critical to continued success.

IHC does not handle medications or drugs
All items made available are non-pharmaceutical.

IHC has no paid staff
Volunteers undertake all warehousing, inventory and preparation of materials for shipping. Volunteers help load containers. Volunteers manage and prepare the documentation necessary to meet customs regulations and any legal requirements. On occasion, volunteers have travelled on their own to share in the excitement of a container arrival in a recipient community.

IHC does not discriminate
To fulfill its mission, IHC works in partnership with local groups, other international aid organizations and the medical community, independent of any religious, political or cultural alliance.

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