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Ambassador Nassise Chali confers with Canadian MPs

by Helen Tadesse / Walta Info / 8 December 2020

Ethiopia’s Ambassador to Canada, Ambassador Nassise Chali has held a webinar discussion with members of the Canadian Parliament and Executive members of the Ethio – Canadian Network for Advocacy & Support regarding the law enforcement operation in Tigray.

She explained the fruits of the sweeping reform under the new political dispensation that improved the legal system expands the political sphere and restructured the National Election Board that freed it from undue influences.

The TPLF clique, however, was busy undermining the reform exhibiting unruly behaviors, including masterminding ethnic and religion-based violent actions all over the country, she said.

She said the government lost all its patience, restraint, and pleas for negotiation and reconciliation to peacefully resolve issues with the TPLF group after the latter attacked the Northern command of the Ethiopian Defense Forces.

The law enforcement operation in Tigray is now over with the control of Mekelle, she said adding that the government has continued to manhunt the perpetrators to bring them before the court of law.

The MPs thanked Ambassador Nassise Chali for the illuminating briefing and underlined that civilians must be protected in the law enforcement operation.

They have expressed Canada’s willingness to support the Ethiopian government, including consultations on rehabilitation activities, building a national consensus, and the upcoming general elections in Ethiopia.

Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Canada, Hon. Rob Oliphant, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Economic Development and Official Languages and the Minister of Environment and Climate Change, Hon. Terry Duguid, Operations Advisor to Canada’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Salman Arif, and President of International Hope Canada, Kevin Stewart have participated in the meeting.

source: www.waltainfo.com/ambassador-nassise-chali-confers-with-canadian-mps/