Volunteers Welcome

Every Wednesday and Saturday the doors of the Warehouse are opened and volunteers stream into the cavernous building. Directing the unpacking, sorting, and repacking is the indomitable Roma, Director of Volunteers. Injured or sound, Roma is there to supervise the volunteers and groups of student helpers, conduct tours and inventory any supplies taken from the warehouse. Roma embodies the spirit of volunteerism and makes working in the warehouse a most enjoyable experience. Warehouses are often cold, drafty and dusty. However, thanks to Bob Peeler, ours is warm clean, secure and loaded with shelf space. Our drivers: Victor and Ted are a vital part of the organization. They pick up supplies from hospitals and nursing homes.

photo property of International Hope Canada

Anyone interested in participating in this delightful volunteer experience in any capacity should call 204-774-1102 and leave a message. Experience in health care is NOT necessary.