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Photo by Nicolas Raymond (www.freestock.ca) / This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

On October 5th, the Manitoba Provincial Council of the Ukrainian Canadian Congress funded a container destined for Kharkiv Zaitsev and Kharkiv Military Hospitals and the Yaremche Rehabilitation Hospital. We were able to provide 52 beds and mattresses as well as two gurneys and two physiotherapy treatment tables. The container departed Winnipeg on the 5th headed for Montreal. The ship carrying the container left Montreal on October 18th and arrived in Oddessa on November 21st. Because of hard work on the part of our partners, the container was cleared by Customs on November 26th and was on its way by truck to Kharkiv and Yaremche the next day. The container arrived on November 29th and was unloaded and all the beds tested and installed on November 30th and December 1st. Greetings Everyone! It is with great pleasure that I can share that our last shipment of beds, physio baked and gurneys…

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  Move over Ulysses! Seven volunteers from IHC, led by Ron R, travelled to the Ukraine in September to check on the container in Zaporizhzhya and to assess the need for hospital supplies in other parts of the Ukraine. Undaunted by the customs delay, our intrepid travellers made their way around the Western Ukraine visiting seven hospitals and two orphanages. The group was sobered by Spartan conditions in many of the hospitals; damp dark corridors; a paucity of operating room, lab and treatment equipment and supplies and few patients. Patients are required to pay for all medical services and supplies, which few can afford. However, valuable contacts were established at the time and have been continued from Canada. IHC would like to secure funding from these contacts to send more containers and also a guarantee that patients will not have to pay for our supplies.