Sincere Thanks

From the moment we found out that we would, once again, have to move, our focus has been to ship out as much of our inventory as possible so that more reached communities-in-need AND less ended up in the landfill. Unfortunately, as we don’t have a new home yet, we have limited space with partners and supporters so we can only store our most important/valuable supplies/equipment. And with no false modesty, we did an amazing (if exhausting) job!

photo property of International Hope Canada Thank you to everyone involved with IHC for their dedication and commitment to achieving this amazing feat – well lots of amazing feats, including loading three containers in three days!! The commitment of our weekly volunteers meant that we had boxes packed and equipment serviced meant that we could get them out the loading bay door as fast as we could pack them in a container. And a special thank you to those of our volunteers who worked long hours each and every day over the last two weeks at very short notice.

Thanks also to the guys who worked on beds, you managed to repair, refurbish and renew 175 beds in less than three weeks! And to the Mobility Team for prepping and checking everything from canes to wheelchairs. Thank you to the “Ladies that List” for wrangling all the inventory lists so that everything was packed where it belonged. Thanks to loading crews and the angels who kept us in coffee and snacks through the long days. And finally a thank you to those who turned up when they could to do whatever they could.

Thank you everyone, we couldn’t have done it without you!