Shipping Around the World

IHC has sent medical equipment and supplies to many parts of the world. In the beginning the bulk of the shipments, over 2100 kilograms were sent to Sonia and her husband Merv working in Rumphi, Malawi. Other boxes were being sent with Canadian Food for Children (CFFC) in Toronto along with shipments of food and clothing at no cost to IHC. CFFC has a wide pattern of delivery to many areas of Latin America and Africa.

photo property of International Hope Canada

Thanks to the work of Dennis M, director of transportation, IHC increased the number of boxes of medical supplies. This year, IHC sent over 400 boxes to CFFC for distribution. Malawi, Grenada and Haiti have received supplies. Individuals travelling to impoverished countries often take supplies with them. Supplies have been sent with individuals to Peru, Haiti, Cuba, Suriname, Nicaragua, Zambia, St Vincent and Grenadines, Bosnia-Herzegovina and South Africa.

A partnership was formed with the Mennonite Benevolent Society under the direction of Louie S to ship a 40 foot container paced with beds, very high calibre lab equipment (many thanks to Val M) and basic medical supplies to Zaporizhzhya, eastern Ukraine. Hospitals, a nursing home and fledgling home care program were designated recipients. The Benevolent Society paid for the shipment while IHC supplied the goods. After several weeks of frantic packing, the container left Winnipeg on July 28th and arrive in Zapirzhzhya six weeks later only to be locked up for two months until clearance from Customs was received. The goods were finally cleared in December 2003 and distributed. Ann Goerzen, the nurse working in Zaporizhzhya, emailed a thank-you to IHC. Apparently everyone that has been ecstatic about the quality of the equipment.