Loading for Nigeria

On Saturday, March 12th, the process of collecting items for the shipment to Nigeria began. Shola, his wife, sister and 4 to 5 other Nigerian volunteers came to the warehouse every Saturday for 4 weeks, applying numbers (692 in all), piling boxes from small to large, filling cabinets and wiping down equipment. During the week, on Wednesdays, boxes and more equipment was collected for the coming Saturday.

Loading began at 8:00 am and with the assistance of our Bryce and Darcy from Putt’s Transfer, we were all loaded by 11:00 am. Shola and his group were not able to stay for lunch, but before leaving, he addressed the whole group with words of appreciation.

We look forward to a successful arrival and distribution of this shipment in Nigeria and I thank all of you at IHC for making this job, as liaison, an easy one for me. Many hands do make light work!

With thanks, Linda