News Release – IHC Resumes Operations

International Hope Canada Resumes Operations in New Warehouse after Explosion and Fire

Winnipeg, MB – International Hope Canada (IHC) has resumed normal operations in a new warehouse space in Winnipeg.

In October 2018 an explosion and fire in a warehouse space adjacent to IHC caused significant structural damage and the affected sections of the building, including IHC’s space, had to be demolished. IHC was able to salvage some supplies, equipment and fixtures and store them until a new warehouse space was available. The IHC Executive would like to thank all of its supporters, donors and volunteers for their ongoing support. IHC extends special thanks to their landlord who has generously supported them since 2002.

The first container from the new warehouse will be sent to the Democratic Republic of Congo this month. Individuals or institutions that would like to donate surplus (but useable) medical equipment and supplies are requested to contact IHC by phone or email to confirm how to donate and what supplies/equipment are eligible to be donated.

About International Hope Canada
International Hope Canada (IHC) Inc, is a charitable, non-profit, all-volunteer organization that provides non-pharmaceutical medical supplies and equipment to hospitals and clinics in impoverished countries where such items are in critically-short supply. Founded in 1997, IHC collects and shares redundant but useable items donated by hospitals, health care facilities and agencies as well as individuals. Since its inception, IHC has distributed 800 tonnes of medical supplies and equipment that otherwise would have been relegated to local landfills.

For more information, please contact:
Kevin Stewart, President, International Hope Canada
204-774-1102 |

Background Information:
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