Loading for Nigeria

On Tuesday, July 2nd, we loaded our second container of the year. The supplies and equipment in the container were being sent to a Community Health Centre in Ondo State, Nigeria.
photo property of International Hope Canada

Along with the usual assortment of beds, exam tables, wheelchairs, walkers, there were also crutches and canes, 2 birthing beds and bassinets, an anaesthesia machine, microscope, dental chair, optometrist’s chair, nurses’ carts, bedside tables and approximately 400 boxes of consumable supplies.

Our partner on this container brought along many helpers and, once again, under the expert direction of Loadmaster Barry, loading was completed by lunchtime! Pizza was brought in for all to share.

I would like to thank all our wonderful volunteers for their help in this latest success! Whether you unpacked and sorted boxes, packed boxes ready to ship, fixed beds and other items to send, numbered and itemized the supplies on the computer, or whether you were active at the beginning of the process, answering the phone, or completing paperwork, it is all of us working together which allows us to continue what we’re doing. A special thank you to our newest volunteers who are working hard to learn how things are done and where items belong. Thanks also to our dedicated “veterans” who have been helping them through the process.

(with thanks to the IHC Nigeria Container Liaison, Muriel, for the report which served as the basis for this blog entry)