IHC Closure Continues

IHC Closure Continues

photo property of International Hope Canada

Last month, just days before a planned shipment to Paraguay, IHC’s new Warehouse had to close due to a structural issue with the wall between our unit and the unit next door. We had hoped that repairs to the wall could be made but because the damage to the wall was caused by an explosion followed by a fire, the structural integrity of the building was compromised and it has had to be demolished.

Fortunately a few days before demolition was slated to begin we were given the opportunity to salvage what we could from what remained of our Warehouse. An IHC supporter has very generously provided us with storage space until we find a new home. Because our need to move was unplanned, finding a suitable location with the help of our partners will take a bit longer than our move last June.

Until we have a new Warehouse, we cannot accept any donations of surplus medical equipment or supplies.

After just three months in our new space we were finally getting organized enough to start accepting supplies again. Now we have to put our operations on hold for awhile longer. We would like to thank all our volunteers, members, partners and supporters for their continuing support, encouragement and patience and we look forward to getting back and running as soon as we can.

If you have questions, please contact us at info @ internationalhope.ca or 204-774-1102