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CBC’s Emily Brass speaks to volunteers with Winnipeg-based International Hope Canada, as they prepare a shipping container filled with medical gear bound for the Democratic Republic of Congo. With thanks to Emily Brass & CBC Manitoba Source: CBC Manitoba (7 Nov 2023) Winnipeg volunteers send much-needed medical supplies to Congo

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Groups send medical supplies to Ethiopia

by Sydney Hildebrandt / WFP The Times / Friday, Dec. 11, 2020 An airplane full of medical supplies is on its way to Ethiopia, where thousands of people have been killed or displaced due to an ongoing conflict in the country’s northern region of Tigray. Ethio-Canadian Network for Advocacy and Support — whose vice-chair is Read more about Winnipeg Free Press / The Times<br> Groups send medical supplies to Ethiopia[…]

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Ambassador Nassise Chali confers with Canadian MPs

by Helen Tadesse / Walta Info / 8 December 2020 Ethiopia’s Ambassador to Canada, Ambassador Nassise Chali has held a webinar discussion with members of the Canadian Parliament and Executive members of the Ethio – Canadian Network for Advocacy & Support regarding the law enforcement operation in Tigray. She explained the fruits of the sweeping Read more about Walta Info <br> Ambassador Nassise Chali confers with Canadian MPs[…]

Surplus hospital beds heading to Ethiopia

Joe Paraskevas | Winnipeg Free Press | 19 October 2007 Twenty-five former hospital beds destined to become scrap metal were neatly lined up Thursday in a west Winnipeg warehouse bound for a much different fate. The beds — and a truckload of other medical supplies — were slated for the new pediatric AIDS wing of Read more about Surplus hospital beds heading to Ethiopia[…]