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CBC’s Emily Brass speaks to volunteers with Winnipeg-based International Hope Canada, as they prepare a shipping container filled with medical gear bound for the Democratic Republic of Congo. With thanks to Emily Brass & CBC Manitoba Source: CBC Manitoba (7 Nov 2023) Winnipeg volunteers send much-needed medical supplies to Congo

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by Helen Tadesse / Walta Info / 8 December 2020 Ethiopia’s Ambassador to Canada, Ambassador Nassise Chali has held a webinar discussion with members of the Canadian Parliament and Executive members of the Ethio – Canadian Network for Advocacy & Support regarding the law enforcement operation in Tigray. She explained the fruits of the sweeping reform under the new political dispensation that improved the legal system expands the political sphere and restructured the National Election Board that freed it from undue influences. The TPLF clique, however, was busy undermining the reform exhibiting unruly behaviors, including masterminding ethnic and religion-based violent actions all over the country, she said. She said the government lost all its patience, restraint, and pleas for negotiation and reconciliation to peacefully resolve issues with the TPLF group after the latter attacked the Northern command of the Ethiopian Defense Forces. The law enforcement operation in Tigray is now…

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Every year the IHC membership throws a Christmas Party for volunteers and it is always a fun time with good food and better company. It was a bit odd this year in that we found ourselves in exactly the same place we were a year ago – without a place to call home and no idea if this might be our last party together. Hopefully not, but it is hard to stay optimistic about our future when in a 12 month period we found a warehouse, got moved in, started replacing supplies lost in the fire and then finally had enough to fill our first container, this time to a few months later were loading our first container in months, then our second a month later. A slow down over the summer months and then back into the swing and then we found out we were losing our space and…

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From the moment we found out that we would, once again, have to move, our focus has been to ship out as much of our inventory as possible so that more reached communities-in-need AND less ended up in the landfill. Unfortunately, as we don’t have a new home yet, we have limited space with partners and supporters so we can only store our most important/valuable supplies/equipment. And with no false modesty, we did an amazing (if exhausting) job! Thank you to everyone involved with IHC for their dedication and commitment to achieving this amazing feat – well lots of amazing feats, including loading three containers in three days!! The commitment of our weekly volunteers meant that we had boxes packed and equipment serviced meant that we could get them out the loading bay door as fast as we could pack them in a container. And a special thank you to…

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We were so happy to help our new volunteers from El Salvador load their container, bound for Sonsonate. We knew from their contact at the hospital that they could make use of all types of OR supplies in addition to basic items so we were able to include was an operating room table, as well as a birthing bed, bassinettes and pediatric supplies. In the end we packed 27 beds, 20 wheelchairs, an assortment of crutches and canes, along with a colposcope, endoscope, upright examination chair and 4 exam tables. Our El Salvador volunteers eager and a great help to today’s loadmaster and they brought treats to go with morning coffee as well as a pizza lunch.