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  REAP stands for the Rumphi Education AIDS Program. Sonia M who was doing volunteer work in the area started this vital AIDS program in northern Malawi. The goal of the program was to identify and train volunteers who then could teach the program, care for those already suffering with AIDS, and to identify orphans whom we could in turn help by providing a skills training program. A group of young people were also identified and trained to teach their peers in 27 schools in the area. The program is partially funded by CIDA, and is now flourishing under local leadership. IHC has been sending medical and educational supplies in support of the program and was successful in receiving a grant for them.

  IHC has sent medical equipment and supplies to many parts of the world. In the beginning the bulk of the shipments, over 2100 kilograms were sent to Sonia and her husband Merv working in Rumphi, Malawi. Other boxes were being sent with Canadian Food for Children (CFFC) in Toronto along with shipments of food and clothing at no cost to IHC. CFFC has a wide pattern of delivery to many areas of Latin America and Africa. Thanks to the work of Dennis M, director of transportation, IHC increased the number of boxes of medical supplies. This year, IHC sent over 400 boxes to CFFC for distribution. Malawi, Grenada and Haiti have received supplies. Individuals travelling to impoverished countries often take supplies with them. Supplies have been sent with individuals to Peru, Haiti, Cuba, Suriname, Nicaragua, Zambia, St Vincent and Grenadines, Bosnia-Herzegovina and South Africa. A partnership was formed with…

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  Nov 2017 – Supply Lines is the official newsletter of International Hope Canada. Originally it began as a paper newsletter but with the rapid rate of technological change and because we have partners world-wide, we have decided to include stories from past issues of Supply Lines on this blog so that you, our readers, can enjoy the stories of our accomplishments past and present.   This is the premier issue of “Supply Lines”, International Hope Canada’s print newsletter. IHC was officially founded in 2001 by two nurses, Phyllis R and Sonia M. Phyllis, an operating room nurse at St Boniface Hospital, had participated in international medical missions to some of the most impoverished countries. Sonia had been volunteering for several years in Malawi, Africa. Both nurses were aware of the pressing need for medical supplies from Manitoba hospitals. Two churches, Holy Redeemer Roman Catholic Parish and Westminster United Church…

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