Back Up & Operating

photo property of International Hope Canada

We are back in action at in a new Warehouse in Winnipeg. Our move in was a huge job. Physically moving what was salvageable after the explosion and fire was the easy part. Cleaning the soot, dust and masonry grit from hundreds of boxes of medical equipment and supplies was difficult, dirty and time-consuming. An army of volunteers spent many days wiping down and washing everything from shelving units to hospital beds and wheelchairs.

During our “homeless” period, several local Winnipeg business came to our aid. They provided transportation and storage for our rescued fixtures (particularly our shelving), medical equipment and supplies while we worked to find a new home. One even provided heated space for our forklift to keep its batteries from freezing while our friends in the local movie industry found spaces to securely store hundreds of boxes for us. Even our donors helped by holding onto their surplus medical supplies and equipment until we could once again accept donations!

Moving into our new space was a great relief made even easier when the previous tenant allowed us to move in early and share their space until they moved out. We are also forever grateful to our landlord who has generously supported International Hope Canada since 2002.

And now that we are back up and operating, we are hitting the ground running assembling supplies and equipment for our first sea-container to Paraguay which will be packing this month!