How We Do It

photo property of International Hope Canada

IHC establishes working partnerships with local groups, international aid organizations, the healthcare industry, and the medical community, independent of political, religious, or cultural alliance.

The process begins when a local third party group approaches IHC with a desire to meet a need in another country. A strong and reliable relationship with the recipient community is essential to ensure a bona fide medical group takes delivery of the shipment, all customs regulations are met, and equipment and supplies are safely distributed as intended.

It may take several weeks, even months, to complete all necessary documentation. The recipient community is provided with a comprehensive list of items available and develops a ‘wish list’. The third party raises the funds to meet the cost of shipping and contributes volunteer help to load the container. IHC volunteers provide advice on project details, securing of the container, and other legalities, as well as troubleshooting.

Finally, items are packed, labelled, loaded, and shipped.