International HOPE Canada (IHC) Inc, is a charitable, non-profit, all-volunteer organization that provides non-pharmaceutical medical supplies and equipment to impoverished countries where such items are in critically short supply. This is achieved through the collection and sharing of redundant but useable items donated by hospitals, nursing homes, other health care facilities and agencies, as well as individuals.



>100 shipping containers




I believe that gratitude should go to members of IHC who willingly give their time to collect medical equipment and generously donate them to help fellow human beings in far away countries that they do not know and may never know or meet. That is kindness and nobility at its best. On behalf of the many patients that will benefit from your donation, thank you.

Reg Ejeckam

Rev Tina Leslie

The work here has reminded me just how valuable all the isopropyl, hydrogen peroxide, and Epsom salts were — not to mention all the other supplies. Today, one of the younger missionaries was soaking his foot in a hot bath made from one of the last of the boxes of Epsom salt. He had a nail go right through his shoe and into his foot more than an inch. He is thankful for good supplies. Thank you so very much for your help. God is so very good to us.

Rev Tina Leslie
Northwest Haiti Christian Mission, Canada


Thank you very much for facilitating the donation of various medical supplies and equipment from International Hope Canada to our San Carlos City Hospital. The items sent will go a long way in our efforts to provide quality service to our poor constituents. The City Government passed resolutions to express our gratitude to the people behind this laudable contribution.

Gerardo P. Valmayor, Jr.
Mayor, San Carlos City, Philippines


On behalf of the Medical Assistance for Jamaica team, I thank you again for your invaluable assistance from the beginning. You did a fantastic job in your presentation … then you offered us advice whenever we asked for it … and you worked with us side by side to the end of the project, doing a great deal of organizing and packing the supplies and equipment. We are all enthralled by the dedication of everyone who plays a role at IHC. Such dedication deserves emulation! Thank you! Thank you!

Carmen H. Nembhardt
Honorary Consul for Jamaica at Winnipeg


It is with a profound sense of joy and eternal gratitude that I write this letter to inform you of the arrival of the Medical Supplies shipped to my community, Mbutu in Aboh Mbaise LGA, Imo State, Nigeria. We did not entirely fathom the magnitude of what we would be getting when we submitted the application. The entire community, was agog with excitement, astonishment and thankful that they were around to witness this tremendous event unfold. The arrival of the container in Mbutu was quite memorable. Our thanks are boundless.

Chief Fan Ndubuoke

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