Fifteen Fulfilling Years

International Hope Canada was founded on the principle that no usable piece of health care equipment or material should be sent to a landfill or scrap metal dealer if it could address a need somewhere around the globe.

It is hard to comprehend that more than a billion people live without the simplest forms of medical assistance. The World Health Organization states that the most effective way to improve health in poorer areas is investment in access to primary care and provision of basic tools to eliminate unsafe care.

This is where IHC helps.

photo property of International Hope Canada

In 15 years, IHC has delivered about 800 tonnes of supplies and equipment to impoverished communities in more than 40 countries. Shipments have included the smallest items ranging from bandages, swabs, hospital gowns, tweezers, forceps, operating drapes, and diapers, to crutches, x-ray machines, neonatal incubators, dental suites, wheelchairs, hundreds of beds and mattresses, and even an ambulance! All of it diverted from landfills and scrap metal centres, and all accomplished by dedicated volunteers and community partners.

Ahhh, that does feel good.