Welcome to International HOPE Canada

International HOPE Canada (IHC) Inc, is a charitable, non-profit, all-volunteer organization that provides non-pharmaceutical medical supplies and equipment to impoverished countries where such items are in critically short supply. This is achieved through the collection and sharing of redundant but useable items donated by hospitals, nursing homes, other health care facilities and agencies, as well as individuals.

IHC is based in, and operates from, Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada .

HOPE for the World

It's mid-morning on a Saturday in June, and the warehouse is buzzing with activity. About two dozen volunteers - all members of International HOPE Canada - are loading all manner of medical supplies and equipment into a shipping container bound for South America. Blankets, sheets, syringes, rubber gloves, cataract surgery kits, stretchers, hospital beds, crash carts and wheel chairs - they're all flying up the ramp and into the container. Much of the material, which is donated by hospitals and clinics throughout Manitoba, is obsolete or no longer suitable for use. The volunteers have even managed to lay their hands on a slightly used anaesthesia machine - a valuable commodity in the re-purposed medical equipment market. By the time all is said and done on this day, these volunteers will load more than 10 tonnes of medical supplies into this container, which will eventually find its way to Peru and to hundreds of people in need.

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